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Life-Work Planning Center is one of the 6 components within the Displaced Homemaker Program of the State of Minnesota and was originally designed to meet the personal, financial and employment needs of displaced homemakers.  Our mission is to increase the self-sufficiency of women and their families.

As a rural-based regional effort, Life-Work Planning Center provides assistance and support to individuals who need or want to enter or re-enter the job market. Life-Work Planning Center offers several different workshop series, one-to-one self-sufficiency counseling, advocacy, resources/referrals, and many other services to Displaced Homemakers and Women in Transition.

State-eligible Displaced Homemakers are those individuals who have provided unpaid household services for two or more years, and were dependent on someone else's income which is now gone due to death or disability of a partner or other family member, or separation or divorce. State eligible Displaced Homemakers are also defined as spouses of persons presently on active military duty or deployed to duty overseas. Services also include returned veterans themselves if they are in a work/life transition and dependent on their spouse for economic support.

Clients develop their own action plans with the assistance of a professional peer counselor; and participate in a combination of workshops and one-to-one self-sufficiency counseling sessions.

Although most displaced homemakers are female, male displaced homemakers are also served, providing they meet the state-displaced homemaker criteria. In the recent history of the program, about two percent of all displaced homemakers served have been male.

Life-Work Planning Center provides a comprehensive program to help these individuals identify and overcome any barriers they may have to becoming emotionally and economically self-sufficient. The services provided are as follows:

                - Information, advocacy & referrals
      - Workshops & Support Groups
                - Personal & career counseling - Needs assessments
                - Assistance with job search skills
      - Individualized action plans


In addition to our displaced homemaker programs, we offer a variety of special projects and work with diverse populations:


  • Individualized Computer Tutoring is offered on basic computer knowledge/skills: Microsoft Office, Windows, introduction to the Internet and e-mail. Call for an appointment.
  • A Client Computer and Lending Library are available in the Mankato office for clients to use in researching employment opportunities, preparing a resume or practicing computer skills.
  • Guest Speakers are occasionally invited to share information of particular interest to our clients. Some examples of possible speakers are family law attorneys, women in business, former participants, etc.
  • Networking Opportunities are provided frequently. These networking events assist current & former participants in sharing information and resources, focusing on expanding career possibilities and interacting with other women for continued momentum.


Collaborative Services

MFIP (Minnesota Family Investment Plan) Job Club Participants
Life-Work Planning Center collaborates with local non-profits serving low-income families to provide services for MFIP Job Club participants. LWPC provides educational sessions to participants to assist them with the soft skills necessary to make a successful transition from public assistance to employment and to achieve economic self sufficiency for themselves and their families.

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    • Over 50? Time to Create the Life You Love: Career Change? Family Grown? Is this all there is?  The importance of attitude and skills in reaching personal and employment goals will be discussed.
    • Moving Your Dream Along: A monthly support group to help you keep moving forward. Open to women who have attended the 10-week Personal Growth/Career Development Series.
    • Divorce Transition: Divorce is life-changing. Come set goals & find ways to move toward them that work individually as we discuss the challenges that accompany divorce.
    • Job Search Skills: If you are, or want to start actively seeking work, this group will help you stay focused to meet your goals.

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What is the cost?

For Displaced Homemakers, the services are free.  For Women in Transition (Non-Displaced Homemakers), a small fee will be assessed on a sliding fee scale.

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How do I find out more information?

Please visit our Calendar of Events to find out when the next series of workshops will begin.

OR Please call:  Life-Work Planning Center (507) 345-1577 or toll free at (800) 369-5166


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