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Emerlinda Olsen: The Power of Resilience

Phoenix Rising Jeanne Ann Safely Rising Like A Phoenix Photo of Jeanne Ann
Persistentcy Chris Pfeiffer's Persistent Pursuit of Her Goals Pays Off Chris Pfeiffer Image
Courage Linda Johnson: Finding the Courage to Succeed
Courage Angie Berg: Courage to Follow Her Dreams
A Survivor NOT a Victim “Jane Doe”: A Survivor NOT a Victim  
Resilience is Key to Moving Forward Karen's Resilience Keeps Her Moving Forward
Make Yourself a Priority& Create the Life You Want Audrey Rains: Creating the Life She Wants
Realizing You Can Support Yourself
Sara DavisRealized She Had It All Along
The Importance of Expressing Oneself
Lynne Andersen has a Voice and it Deserves to be Heard
Discovering A Resource For Others As Well As Themselves
Shawna Asendorf and Diane Hudson: They Thought It Was A Resource for Others But Found It Was For Them Too
Always Learning New Things
Cindy Beetch: You Are Never Done Learning New Things
The Value of Support
Terry Riggs Understands the Value of Support
Reclaiming Independence
Carol Slieter Reclaims Independence through an Optimistic Outlook
Identifying & Pursuing Interests
Heidi Storm Identifies and Pursues Her Interests
Living Moment to Moment
Betty Hoban - Living Moment to Moment and Being True to Herself
Life Transitions
Sue Kimmel - Life Transitions: A Time to Redefine Yourself Sue Kimmel
A New Perspective
Linda Johnson-Dulas Gains a New Perspective with Self-Acceptance and Authenticity
Path to Self Discovery
Johanna Hocker On Her Own Path To Self Discovery
Turning Dreams into Reality
Sara Muscatello Turns Her Dreams Into Reality
Moving Forward
Working Hard to Enjoy Her Life
Carol McGrath - Working Hard to Enjoy Her Life
Live The Life You Want
Nancy Anderson-Hanson Living the Life She Wants
Thrive During Transition
Deb Reichwald Learns to Thrive During Transition
Marg Johnson Persevered and Set Her Course
Reaching Back and Helping Others
Amy Blake's Life Evolves Full Circle
Expanding Your Horizons
Jackie Edwards is Expanding Her Horizons
Self Esteem and Empowerment
Nancy's Newfound Self-Esteem Benefits Her Community

Find Your Way With

the Help of Others

Patricia's Story-- Finding Her Way With the Help of Others
Set Goals and Take Small Steps to Achieve Them
Pam Greip-Miller... Up and Out of the Ashes

Moving Your Dream Along
Elizabeth Blackstad "Moves Her Dream Along" With the Help of LWPC
Identifying Your Strengths
Having Faith (Solano) in Your Strengths
Courage & Managing Fear
Sharon Dinsmore- New Courage to Return to College
Finding Your Niche
J. Peterson- Finding Her Niche
Self-confidence is Key

G. Berles, Self-confidence isKey